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“While consumers may suffer, the rising value of farmers’ crops coupled with the increased risk of climate change-induced extreme weather has made crop insurance a hot business. One insurer taking a 21st-century approach to taking the temperature is The Climate Corporation, a 6-year-old San Francisco-based company that crunches massive streams of climate data to assess future risk and current damage. Its vast sensor network analyzes and predicts temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, and yields for 20 million U.S. farm fields with hyperlocal precision. The company has every incentive to get its micro-predictions right: Payouts are automatic based on whether those factors reach a crop-harming threshold on a day-to-day, farm-to-farm basis. The granularity of its data also offers an extreme close-up of just how severely this year’s drought has ravaged the country’s farms.”


Big Data Shows Hyperlocal Harshness of 2012 Drought | Wired Business | Wired.com

» very proud to have been a founding investor, David and Siraj are amongst the most impressive entrepreneurs we’ve ever met.