#HackingFinance [w/ anthemis | group]

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“When a company focuses its efforts on executing today’s business model, and ignores R&D and investment in the future, revenue and profits initially go up. Things look great. But ignoring the future has consequences and those chickens will eventually come home to roost.”

Bitcoin reports by banks : Bitcoin

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“The idea is to use collateral as a disincentive for the customer to attempt double-spends, and to reward miners to catch such attempts.”

“But the big change must come from banks, which need to prepare for a future as part of the financial plumbing rather than as masters of the universe. No one ever said being dull would be fun.”

“There’s a big role for Silicon Valley-style scorched-earth entrepreneurship on Wall Street right now, and the people most likely to innovate are newcomers to the industry who have no real stake in the parts of it that need scorching.”

“Startups, such as @Moven and @Simple, offer banking that’s designed specifically for smartphones, enabling users to track their spending on the go.”

“In fact, new products like Apple’s will make us more secure, by solving the big problem threatening our online privacy today: passwords.”

“Betterment is the world’s first vertically integrated platform for trading, portfolio’s, and ETF’s. Stein likened this to Apple and how the tech giant builds both the hardware and software for their devices. “Wealth management companies have underinvested in in terms of technology for a long time.””

“Black markets are subject to the same economic forces that legal markets are, though. A glut of stolen credit card information has led to depressed prices for stolen personal information.”

“So is design a business builder or idea spreader? Both, often at the same time.”