#HackingFinance [w/ anthemis | group]

welcome to the sixth paradigm

By 2020, Millennials will fill almost half the workforce. Leaders looking to the future of their company are going to want to take into account the different value set of their new workers, who are seeking work-life integration, not work-life balance. (via Loving Your Work)
You may think about the massive amounts of money in home banking systems. Every single one is different and each bank spends massive amounts of money on their proprietary systems. One day, there will be an open source version of that. It’s kind of inevitable. (via Kosta Peric’s Mission to Reach the Unreachable | Ripple)

“Thousands of successful, intelligent businesses are already using alternative finance to grow and explore new opportunities. These businesses are the pioneers of what will soon become a standard practice, like the early customers of eBay or Amazon, and the first viewers of YouTube.”

“Not everyone wants more transparency in consumer complaints. The Consumer Bankers Association issued a statement July 16, stating that: “This action will ultimately add to consumer confusion, harm industry reputations, and undermine any hope the CFPB may have to be viewed as a fair and honest broker.””



What are these guys smoking?

Calling all developers: fOS from @ficoba » banking-as-as-platform: What will you build? (via Developer and Partner Day 2014, Munich | Fidor TecS Developer)

“Instead of using pure mathematics to prevent things like the same person spending the same money twice, Document Coin will rely on personal reputation to keep all transactions in order. And each unit of currency created using Document Coin could have different values in different situations. If you use a coin in one place, it might be worth more then if you use it in another. The goal, Anderson says, is to get people to completely rethink the entire idea of money.”

“The global innovations team of Claro Partners and the strategic arm of leading financial advisory firm Anthemis Group have joined forces to launch a new range of consortium projects to dive deeper into major disruptive shifts in financial services.”

“The former head of the nation’s largest pension fund admitted Friday that he took bribes, including hundreds of thousands of dollars stuffed in paper bags and a shoe box, and helped an associate collect millions in a fraudulent investment scheme.”



Greatest (societal) crime is how this behaviour (even in less egregious, non-illegal forms) leads to misallocation of capital…

“So, as an investor, when you see a dominant market power emerge, you should start asking yourself “what will undo that market power?” And you should start investing in that.”



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Are cryptocurrencies a real currency alternative?

The world of cryptocurrencies has entered the “mainstream” debate. However, despite the media buzz, such currencies are far from being viewed as real alternatives for currency investors. Their inner workings remain impenetrable; the collapse of the major Bitcoin exchange MT Gox was a bitter reminder of the fragility of such systems and it served to further dent the enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency system. Will 2014 mark a year of change where cryptocurrencies address some of these weaknesses?

This debate features Izabella Kaminska from FT Alphaville, Sean Park, Founder of Anthemis Group, Steven Englander, Currency Strategist at Citigroup and David Birch, Consultant at Hyperion.